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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  June 4, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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precarious position. a contractor working on the side of the bay bridge falls. >> the dramatic rescue to bring him to safety. >> hi, everybody. i'm mary bubala. >> i'm kai jackson. here's what people are talking about. >> a man doing maintenance work on the side of the chesapeake bay is hit in the head and knocked to a catwalk, several feet below him. the rescue operation is incredibly tricky. monique griego has the latest on the workers -- worker's condition and more on the dangerous work. >> reporter: for many people, just driving over the bay bridge can be a tense situation. so you can imagine, these workers are working in a pretty dangerous condition. and when an accident happens, it also takes a special team of firefighters. >> reporter: terrifying moments for a contractor, performing maintenance of the westbound span of the bay bridge. anne arundel fire says the 51- year-old was working on a suspension platform, 15 feet below the roadway, when he was
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hit by a paint can. the can knocked him off the street and onto the platform. however, initial reports had said the worker had fallen nearly two stories. >> when we arrived on location, we found that was not the case. the patient had actually incurred the injury on the platform. >> reporter: a special operations team raced to the scene. and they began a dangerous rope rescue, to move the worker from the platform onto the roadway. >> technical view is one of the areas of expertise that they have. and they practice on the bridge, on a regular basis. >> reporter: the accident shut down all westbound traffic on the bay bridge. drivers stuck in the backup, sat in their cars for nearly two hours. >> a lot of people are working around. like waiting. and they say, oh, my god, what's going on? >> reporter: for people at sandy point state park, a day at the beach, turned into a front row seat to a rescue. >> i realized, that's when it hit you, how serious this
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probably is. they were on the bridge for quite sometime. >> reporter: after being taken by ambulance to sandy point, the worker was air-lifted to shock trauma. his condition is listed as serious but not life- threatening. >> reporter: and firefighters say the worker mostly suffered injuries to his head and neck. reporting live from sandy point state park, monique griego, wjz eyewitness news. >> anne arundel county fire department conducted the rescue with queen anne fire department. a national -- natural explosion blew out windows and doors off their hinges. there are reports that seven people are hurt. two with flash burns, five others suffering injuries from broken glass and splintered wood. nayat college is about 30 miles north of new york city. the condition of an orioles
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fan assaulted during a game worsens. denise is in the newsroom with more on matthew fortis. denise? >> fortis is at shock trauma, and he's been downgraded now to serious condition. fortese and has girlfriend were at the game when he and his girlfriend were attacked. two men punched him, causing him to fall over a concrete barrier. police say the incident began because fortese, a long-time yankees fan wore that team's hat to the orioles game. doctors say he is suffering suffering from deep skull fractures. >> fleishman and bell are both facing assault charges. one week after a train collision sparks an explosion. a driver is out of the hospital. investigator mike hellgren has an update on the ntsb investigation. >> reporter: one week after the explosion that rocked an industrial area of rosedale. business and homeowners are
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still cleaning up. >> it was pretty crazy. the house shook. and i could hear the glass shattering. and i thought, oh, god. >> reporter: it was last tuesday afternoon, when a mack truck, driven by john alban, jr., collided with a csx train. the train derailed. and the chemicals inside some of the cars exploded. alban is now out of the hospital. and federal and state regulators are doing a comprehensive safety review of his company. >> what we're doing is a coordinated effort. so that each agency can do whatever cases or make recommendations. >> reporter: trains are now running again along the tracks here, while the ntsb completes a comprehensive investigation into what went wrong, including whether there should be more safeguards at the crossing, where there was a stop sign. >> this is by no means the conclusion of the investigation. in fact, we are just in the beginning stages of the investigation. >> reporter: investigators recovered video from the train itself, which will be critical in the ongoing investigation. in rosedale, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> alban, who is a retired
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baltimore county firefighter is not commenting publicly. a convicted computer hacker takes the stand today in the wikileaks trial in fort meade, anne arundel county. adrian lamo said he chatted online with manning in may of 2010 and alerted law enforcement the next day about the contents army private pradly manning -- bradleymaning's messages, of those messages. >> reporter: he said manning never told him he wanted help and never expressed disloyalty to the u.s. manning is accused of leaking thousands of documents to the website wikileaks. he faces life in prison if convicted of the most serious charges. groups get a chance to tell their story on capitol hill today. just as details of another irs controversy are made public. danielle nottingham reports from washington. >> reporter: these six leaders
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of conservative groups, say the irs unfairly singled them out for their political beliefs. >> this was not an accident. this is a willful act of intimidation. becky garrettson says the irs ignored her application for tax- exempt status for more than a year. then asked for copies of all speeches, and donor list. >> i'm a born-free american woman, wife, mother and american citizen. and i'm telling my government that you have forgotten your place. >> reporter: attorney john eastman complained the irs committed a felony, when it released his information that his donors oppose same-sex marriage. >> there's a reason some people want their activities confidential, so they don't get herselfed. >> reporter: -- harassed. >> several members on the panel were equally outraged. >> no member should be targeted by the government for their
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personal views. >> reporter: this brand new inspector general's report details how the agency used taxpayer dollars on lavish employee conferences. >> it suggests to me that we have an organization, a very powerful organization that feels that it's above the law. >> reporter: lawmakers say they plan to continue their investigation in a transparent way. so the irs can work to regain the public trust. on capitol hill tdanielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> the 2010 conference in anaheim, california, that cost more than $4 million was the focus of the latest report. one irs official stayed five nights in a room that regularly goes for $3,500 a night. another stayed in a $1500 room. former maryland lieutenant governor may throw his hat into the 2014 gubernatorial ring. michael steele, the head of the republican national committee says he may launch a campaign for the republican candidacy
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for maryland. maryland governor. steel, who was currently a political commentator on msnbc said he doesn't feel the need to make a decision until the middle of next year. we have breaking news for baltimore county. let's go to captain jeff long in sky eye chopper 13. >> good afternoon, kai. good afternoon, everybody. this suv crashed into the side of this post office at about 3:00 today. this is the glen oak branch at the post office on 6100 liberty road. as you can see, the flatbed truck is there. they're going to pull this out. we're being told that the baltimore police department, nobody was trapped in the vehicle. but there were two people that were transported. the extent of their considers is unknown at this time. the fire department is still blocking one lane of road, heading into town. but backups don't seem to be more than about 10 cars back at this time. reporting live from sky eye chopper 13. i'm captain jeff long.
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back to you. >> i don't think anyone can find anything wrong with the weather outside today. here's a live look at our sunny, dry, beautiful, beautiful conditions. there's even a light breeze blowing. wjz has weather and traffic together. meteorologist chelsea ingram is updating our beautiful first warning weather forecast. we were talking today how nice it is. >> that's right. a top 10 day for me, i'd say. plenty of sunshine. comfortable temperatures, low humidity. check out these temperature across the region. a lot of us sitting in the mid- 70s right now. including baltimore city. 75 degrees. 74 in elkton. and 78, a little warmer there in washington. humidity very low. on radar, clear as a bell. but here's the thing. though we will see another nice day tomorrow, that's all going to change as we head into the weekend. we're watching an area, a disturbance of tropical moisture down in the gulf. has a 40% chance of developing into a tropical cyclone.
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or tropical formation. and as we progress into the week, this area of low pressure is expected to ride up along the eastern sea board. and it could provide us with a good dose of precipitation, along with the low-pressure system, coming from our west. we'll be keeping a very close eye on that, fine-tuning the forecast for you. and i'll have more for you coming up in your forecast. back to you. >> let's check on the roads with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. hi, kristy. >> hi, kai. hi, everyone. unfortunately, the traffic not soebrate out there. -- so great out there. already seeing delays. west side inner loop, stop and go, past liberty. traffic moving at about 40 miles an how were. northbound 95, a minor delay in that direction from 32 past 100. and several accidents to report. kirk avenue at 25th street. north wolf at orleans. a couple on eastern avenue. the first at south patterson. and then again at cane street. also a crash to watch for north charl at east northern parkway. let's take a live look.
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you can see, traffic is moving. but it does slow down a bit on that curve there at dulaney valley road. this traffic report is brought to you by home goods. find what makes you happy at a price that makes you home goods happy. back to you. >> kristy, thank you. still ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00. the murder case against aurora shooting suspect james holmes takes a major step today. we'll explain. sun screen all year round? why you may want to start. that story in tonight's healthwatch. legendary on the grid iron. football fans are mourning the death of one of the nfl's greatest defensive ends. this could quite possibly be the most perfect weather day of the year. unless we have one more perfect than this tomorrow. don't miss your updated first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's sunny and mild.
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75 degrees in central maryland. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. nfl hall-of-famer, deacon jones has died. jones anchored the los angeles fearsome foursome, defensive line in the '60s. later playing for the chargers and the washington redskins. jones is a two-time nfl defensive player of the year. and he didn't just sack the quarterback. he's credited with coining the phrase. he died of natural causes in his southern california home. deacon jones was 74 years old. >> reporter: some of the nation's biggest fast food chains are waging a battle of extremes. while they're trying to appeal to customers who want healthy options, terrell brown reports for wjz, they're ready to feed any craving. >> reporter: the latest dunkin' do nuts concawks features fried egg and strips of bacon, sliced between a glazed do nut.
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it had a sausage sandwich, which is recently rolled out as a healthy breakfast oppose. >> it is 360 calories, which is reasonable for a healthy breakfast entree, but you have to look at the quality of those calories. >> reporter: they are looking to appeal to those looking to eat better. but healthy foods don't always mean a healthy process. last week, mcdonald's admitted that the company's salads only makes up for 2 to 3% of company sales. dunkin', on the other hundred, received over 12,000 likes. and the item did so well during testing, it's adding it to the menu permanently. >> a sandwich like this that is so decadent and outrageous, gets a lot of media attention. and it actually does sell product. >> that's what happened with taco bell's doritos locos tacos. >> you knew what was coming.
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>> reporter: it boosted sales by 8% last year. >> these fast food chains, their business is business. they are profit driven. they're not in the business of making america healthy. that's our choice, as consumers, to make ourselves healthy. >> reporter: the glazed breakfast doughnut sandwich hits stores this friday, just in time for what else? national doughnut day, kai? >> coincidence? we think not. some losses on wall street today. [ stock bells ringing ] all the markets are down right now. dow is down 77. s&p is down 9. nasdaq is down 20. let's go to new york, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. home prices soared more than 12% in april. that's the biggest gain in seven years. a new survey shows the biggest jump was in nevada, where prices were nearly 25% higher than a year ago.
4:18 pm
more potential buyers have been shopping for real estate. but the number of homes for sale is 14% lower than it was last year. experts say the supply shortage has contributed to the price increases. shares of general motors rallied on news that the company would be added to the s&p index. billionaire investor warren burkes' company is buying it with a deal to a private equity home. and if you have investing advice, you can have lunch with warren buffett. the online auction to raise money for a california homeless charity continues all week. last year's winker paid $3.4 million for the privilege to dine with buffet. amazon and viacom are expanding to bring hundreds of shows with nickelodeon, mtv to amazon's video streaming service. the deal comes just days after viacom's licensing deal with
4:19 pm
netflix expired. that's your money watch. for more, go to in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. coming up on eyewitness news at 4:00,. >> i'm alex demetrick. coming up, a massive surprise truck inspection. why they're being pulled offer the road as eyewitness news continues. poison-laced letters. criminal charges for the man arrested in the first set of threatening letters sent to president obama. it's gorgeous outside. sunny skies and low humidity. the sky eye chopper 13, over someone enjoying the water on their boat. wish we were there. meteorologist chelsea ingram is updating your first warning weather forecast. wjz 13 is always on. for the top stories on, for instant updates and first warning weather all the time, click
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stir there's that there's that boat again. probably a lot on the water. this is grace. >> so beautiful outside. come pick us up. >> please. >> what's our address here on mulden avenue?
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>> 3725. >> thank you. >> 2121. >> it's a gorgeous day out there nonetheless. temperatures in the mid-70s. let's go ahead and take a look. this is what is going on. comfortable out there. low humidity. dew points only around 44. elkton, at 76 degrees. easton, 75 degrees. lease give yourself a little larger view inland. around 70 in annapolis. and 70 also in kent island. current winds coming from the north andest with. all thanks tean area of high pressure. that will bring us plenty of sunshine. very slight chance to see a shower move into western maryland tomorrow. and a few clouds at least. but most of us are going to be staying dry with plenty of sunshine throughout your wednesday. on satellite and radar, here's a look at what is going on. we're monitoring that disturbance down in the gulf. as it travels to the north, it could bring us a good dose of rainfall. especially as it interacts with
4:24 pm
our system to the west. it's going to be headed our way as well. but not until we get to the later part of the week. we're looking at the end of the week and the weekend to see a lot of moisture head our way. bay temperatures, around 71 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 5 to 10 knots. and let's take you through your thursday. this is what you can expect. high pressure continues to stay in control of our weather. we'll see a few clouds build in on wednesday. and maybe a shower in western maryland for most of us. again, with most of us staying dry. then we'll see all of that moisture come up from the tropics. and as we head into thursday and your friday. what you can expect for tonight. temperatures around 54 degrees. clear to partly cloudy. it's going to be a pleasant, pleasant night. and tomorrow, mostly sunny, nice. temperatures 80 degrees. and keep in mind, a slight chance for a little shower there in western maryland. and a few clouds. but looks like at least for our location, the metro location,
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we're going to be mostly sunny. >> another perfect day, chelsea. thank you. don't miss tonight's cbs primetime lineup. it's brooklyn da at 10. followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. lots more ahead on wjz at 4:30. deadly tornado. the national weather service upgrades the intensity of the elreno oklahoma twister. long list of crimes. the trial for reputed mobster, james whitey bulger begins. what the judge is saying to potential jurors. outrage on tap tol hill -- capitol hill as high-ranking officers from the military answer tough questions about sexual assaul,, ♪ (annoucer) new beneful medley's, in tuscan, romana,
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hello, everyone. and thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm vic carter. and i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking about. >> america's top military leaders are talking about the epidemic of assault in the armed forces. while they agree there is a problem, they disagree on how to solve it. >> reporter: prosecution of sexual offenses. >> reporter: a panel of top military brass admitted that sexual assault in the armed forces is a crisis. >> these crimes violate everything our army stands for. and they simply cannot be tolerated. >> but members of the senate armed services committee came on strong, suggesting that the military fails to recognize the severity of the crimes. >> this isn't about sex. this is about assaultive, domination and violence. >> reporter: lawmakers charged that the military's justice system has failed. and that victims are afraid to come forward. >> you have lost the trust of the men and women who rely on you. that you will actually bring justice in these cases. >> reporter: senator kirsten
4:30 pm
jill jillbrand proposes stripping some authority. and letting those decide which ones go to trial. >> our goal should be to hold commanders more commandable, not less able to help us render to correct the crisis. >> considering seven different bills to address sexual assault in the military. both parties see the problem as a threat to national security. >> what impact will this problem have on recruitment and retention of qualified men and women? >> reporter: the pentagon recently estimated that 26,000 military members may have been sexually assaulted last year. and its chiefs agree with congress, the crisis has become a top priority. on capitol hill, tara mergener, wjz eyewitness news. >> about 4,000 veterans last year, sought compensation for
4:31 pm
post traumast -- post traumatic stress disorder. a judge accepts a not guilty by reason of insanity plea for the man accused in the colorado movie theater massacre. kai is in the newsroom with more on today's hearing. kai? >> today's plea sets the stage for what could be a lengthy mental evaluation for holmes. 12 people were killed. another 70 hurt. holmes is charged with murder and attempted murder. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. and experts say an insanity plea is holmes' best chance of avoiding that, considering the evidence against him. the next step is an evaluation holmes, by state doctors, to determine whether he was insane at the time of the shootings. denise? >> officials say that process could take months. he was the most wanted man in america for nearly 16 years. now jury selection is under way in the trial of reputed gangster, james whitey bulger. marlie hall has the latest from
4:32 pm
south boston. >> reporter: james whitey bulger's attorney arrived tuesday, and started the day introducing bulger to a group of 225 possible jurors. bulger said "good morning." two years after the mobster's life on the run came to an end, lawyers began narrowing a jury pull pool of 695 people. the judge expects opening statements will begin monday. >> still cry at nights sometimes. >> reporter: steve davis plans to attend every day of the trial. his sister is one of the people bulger is accused of murdering. he plans to testify against bulger. >> look at us, the families. look at the pain and the suffering that we're going through all of these years, over 30 years. >> reporter: in addition to 19 murders, bulger is accused of a long list of other crimes, including extortion and corrupting law enforcement. he could face life in prison if convicted. >> reporter: bulger, now 83 years old, was an fbi informant, who secretly snitched to investigators about
4:33 pm
rival gangsters. that was until about 1995, when a rogue agent tipped off bulger he was going to be indicted. bulger spent 16 years on the run, before he was finally captured with his girlfriend in 2011. they were living in a modest, santa monica, california apartment, stocked with weapons and cash. lawyers for both sides plan to call about 80 witnesses, from crime fighters to convicted criminals. the trial is expected to last all summer n. boston, marlie hall, wjz eyewitness news. >> the judge has ruled that bulger's fbi informant file can be admitted as evidence during the trial. a mississippi man, suspected of sending the first poison-laced letters to prison officials, has been formally charged. 41-year-old james dusky has been charged with threatening the president and others. it says he did it in retaliation against a rival, who briefly became a suspect in the case. if convicted, dutch key could
4:34 pm
be sentenced to life in prison. rising waters halt the search for a teen, swept over a waterfall in yosemite national park. the 19-year-old was swimming in the merced river, when the water took him over. national park rangers say the fall is 600 feet down. now, they are waiting for water levels to recede to resume the search. the national weather service says the deadly tornado that struck elreno, oklahoma, was the widest ever recorded tornado. it was 2.6 miles wide. you can see the strength of the storm, as it tosses a semi truck. well, we don't have the video for you. but 18 people were killed in that tornado and subsequent flooding. this latest twister came less than a mont after another twister hit moore, oklahoma. between the two tornadoes, 42 people dide. -- died. right here, it's been an absolutely beautiful day. sun is shining. and humidity is out of here, making for a pleasant
4:35 pm
afternoon. wjz has weather and traffic together. bob is here with the updated numbers from first warning weather. bob? >> technically, there is humidity. but the dew point is so low, you don't feel the moisture in the air at all. and it's so comfortable, the temperatures absolutely spectaccor. -- spectdzacular. spectacular. actual temperature is only 65 in ocean city. take a look at radar. within 500, 600, 800 miles of baltimore, absolutely beautiful, clear weather. not a drop of rain to be had. however, things are messed up a little in the gulf of mexico. there is a tropical disturbance. let's call it just an area of precipitation now, which could, in the next couple of days, become a tropical depression. right now, it looks like most of the models have it head down -- headed down toward the carolinas and moving offshore. it's possible we don't get the heaviest rain out of it. looks like some of that will be to the north. but it's certainly possible we'll get some out of it.
4:36 pm
that will be friday and possibly side as well. something we'll be checking all week long. denise? >> let's check on the roads with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. >> hi, denise. hi, everyone. we still have a lot of accidents out there. first starting off with the accident, eastern avenue at cane street. then that's followed by north of charles at eastern northern parkway. frank ford at hillburn. and all cook's lane at edmondson avenue. as far as delays go, they have just gotten heavier. 32 past 100 at this point. it slows down again from the 895 split to whitemarsh boulevard. as far as the beltway goes, the top side inner loop, crawling along. and the west side inner loop, bumper to bumper there, from 895 past liberty. let's take a live look. you can see, very heavy, much slower on the beltway there, on dulaney valley road. this traffic report is brought to you by duke's mayo. made with the same recipe, since 1917. duke's mayo is the secret to great food. you can learn more at duke's
4:37 pm back over to you. >> all right, kristy, thank you. hundreds of truck drivers made a stop at fedex field. normally the home of the washington redskins. it was road check 2013 that was being played out. >> trucks of all shapes and sizes were directed off the capitol beltway in the parking lot of fedex field in prince george's county. waiting for them were inspectors. when police looked for mechanical defects that could look for flaws. >> make sure they qualify. their licenses are good. they're not wanted on the warrants. then we'll go to the vehicle and do a comprehensive, nuts and bolts, front to back. >> from basics like working lights to more critical symptoms. compromised brake systems are the most common failing. >> northwest of the trucks we inspect have been good trucks. the industry has been doing a good job. we're just trying to get the ones that don't want to do a good job. >> reporter: this inspection
4:38 pm
site is just one of 2500 across the country. >> to not only sure that vehicles and drivers are compliant with the law, but that they operate safely on our roads. >> reporter: they stage this annual event, called road check 2013. over the past 26 years, it has screened more than a million trucks, meaning many drivers have been through this before. >> they did a very good job. >> it's holding me up a little bit. wuit's something the state police -- they do it around the country as well. it's not just here. but it's to help us stay safe. >> and if there are fixes needed, trucks don't leave until they're done. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> road check 2013 will spend the next two days in are the states because it takes a lot of people to pull it off, it concluded in maryland this afternoon. straight ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at 4:00. the mab known as the blade runner returns to court. why the olympic track star
4:39 pm
turned murder suspect is back before a judge. how queen elizabeth is marking her anniversaryo the throne -- anniversary on the throne. and who is celebrating with her. and turn off the air conditioners and open the windows. it is a beautiful afternoon. bob is updating the first warning forecast coming up. ,,,, mom...
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desire -- a south african judge delays the trial of olympic sprinter osscar pistorius. in a short, pretrial hearing, a judge agreed to give his lawyers more time to prepare his case. it will continue august 19th on what would have been his girlfriend's -- reeva steenkamp's 30t birthday. he is accused. murdering steenkamp. if found guilty, he could face life in prison. in california, a new audit showed pacific gas and electricity failed to fix and maintain small lines ahead of the san bruno blast.
4:43 pm
it claims pg&e failed to fix them. they dispute the finding. in 2010, a pipeline sparked a fire ball that killed eight people, injured it dozens more and destroyed nearly 40 homes. inside the new jersey home, as the -- rather, courtroom, as the hatchet hitchhiker appears in court. calvin had questions for his judge. >> reporter: the one-time hero, now an accused killer, walking into court handcuffed, disheveled and in a uniform. caleb with little expression on his face as he was read the charges before him, for first- degree murder. >> your honor, we will enter a plea on his behalf of not guilty. >> reporter: the public defender entering a plea of not guilty. but he contested, claiming he wants his own lawyer, claiming
4:44 pm
prison guards are denying him his rights. >> vihaven't given me a phone call. >> reporter: according to prosecutors, he murdered a man. he is known as tai the hitchhiker. after killing a man with a hatchet. >> can i postpone the plea until after i have more time to review the evidence? >> the case will now go before a grand jury. he is being held on $3 million bail. boston's fire chief resigns amid criticism in his department over the way he handled the marathon bombings. mary is in the newsroom with more information. >> reporter: the department's deputy chief wrote to the boston mayor, saying the fire chief failed to take command of the scene. the chief said their attack made it impossible for him to do his job.
4:45 pm
he said his command staff had things under control and he behaved by national standards, by only acting if something went wrong. he also blasted the deputy chiefs for leaking their letter to the press. back to you. >> thank you, mary. >> abrera's resignation will go into effect on friday. in southern california, the weather is finally helping in the battle against a massive wildfire. but it's far from over. more than 50 square miles have burned in the angeles national forest and the antelope valley. teresa garcia has the latest for wjz. >> reporter: the powerhouse wildfire continues to blaze on. five days after igniting in northern los angeles county. firefighters have been dancing quite a path with this one, with gusty hot winds, fueling the fire in so many directions. officials don't expect to completely contain it until next week. six homes burned to the ground. flames damaged another nine.
4:46 pm
firefighters say this is a top priority. >> we have had a significant drying of fuels. low -- relative humidities and wind, which was one of the driving forces in this particular fire. >> reporter: but the situation improves for nearly 3,000 evacuees, who were allowed back into their homes late yesterday. the chatfielder family returned and saw their home still standing. >> everything around is just dark and black. it's like our house is standing out in the middle of a black field. >> reporter: then there's will hemeana strickland, whose home is still in a danger zone. >> with these winds, it's not helpful. it depends on what direction the wind blows and that ember could land somewhere and boom. >> reporter: with unpredictable winds and high temperatures the rest of the week, firefighters say this may have laid down but it hasn't gone to sleep. >> so far, nearly 3,000
4:47 pm
evacuated residents have been allowed to return to their homes. in today's wjz healthwatch, new research shows daily sun screen use can slow the aging of your skin. researchers split 900 people under age of 55 into two groups. one used sun screen every day. the other only used sun screen after they thought they needed it. after 4 1/2 years, researchers took hold molds of their hands and found the group that used sun screen every day had younger-looking skin. if you're heading to disney, plan on spending a little money. disney just raised its tickets at its theme parks in california and florida again. one day admission in orlando now costs $95. that's up from $89 last year. but there are ways to save. annual disney members get coupons to save money on tickets each year. liz mcdonald has the latest from london.
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♪ [ music ] >> walk into westminster abbey, to the sound of trumpets playing same sound as when she walked in 60 years ago. the crown had been locked inside the tower of london until now. ♪ [ music ] a few thousand guests helped queen elizabeth celebrate the anniversary. her united husband earlier had to cancel because he was sick. prince william and kate are back there for the first time since their wedding in 2011. it could be her last appearance until she gives birth. >> she's lovely. >> beautiful. >> most well wishers have their eyes on the queen. >> she has worked tremendous well. >> much better weather than on
4:49 pm
the queen's coronation day 60 years ago, when 3 million people waited in heavy rain to catch a glimpse of the new queen. >> reporter: elizabeth was just 27 years old, when she was crowned monarch. the coronation took place, 16 months after the death of her father, king george vi. fan brown was a child but remembers. >> next door neighbor's house on a little television because we didn't have one. >> reporter: at 87, queen elizabeth is not yet britain's longest-serving monarch. queen victoria served for 63 years. >> the queen's coronation crown weighs almost 5 pounds. it is the heaviest crown in the royal collection of crowned jewels has 444 gems, including diamonds, rubies and sapphires. lynette hayes delivered twin babies, 10 weeks early, while trying desperately to get
4:50 pm
to the hospital near salt lake city. police officers helped the new mother through the delivery. one of the babies needed cpr. the other baby was born breach. my goodness. a helicopter arrived to take everyone to the hospital. the babies are 3 pounds each. they will spend sometime in the nicku before they -- nicu before they can go home. but wow. that was extraordinary that there was someone there to do cpr on that tiny baby. >> and you know in about 10 or 15 years, longer than that. 15 or 16 years, he's going be to be violating cur view -- curfew. and sassing their motor. >> you know what we went >> you know what we went through to get you ,,,,,,,,
4:51 pm
hi, my name is suzy, and i've had a stroke due to my cigarette smoking. i now need help with feeding, dressing, bathing, even going to the bathroom. sometimes it's people who work here; sometimes it's my son, daniel.
4:52 pm
my tip to you is: enjoy your independence now. you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now.
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oh, look at that sky. it's what we call severe for the most part. hasn't been not even a high, thin, cirrus cloud for the day. there's just a little out there to the southwest. a little cloud cover. temperature wide, just ideal temperatures. 75. and the dew point is way down to 44 degrees. humidity, yes, there's humidity, but you don't feel
4:54 pm
it. 33%. west/northwest winds at 6. light breeze. barometer still rising. 30.07 inches. currently, a very prissant, 64 in oakland. -- pleasant, 64 in oakland. 74 in cumberland. ocean city, a breeze coming off the water. they're only 65 degrees. yeah, right now. elkton, up to 76. locally, just low to mid-70s. just doesn't get any better than this. in june or in the summer. most places. this is just perfect weather. 72, rock hall. and a cooler 70, annapolis. and rock and kent island area. west/northwest winds around the area, brought this dry in, as you can see. very light breeze. but it will continue to be rather light tonight. and temperatures will continue to fall a bit. high pressure over eastern canada, guarantees nice, beautiful, dry weather. now, eventually, the high is going to move off. winds start coming back to the southeast. moisture begins to increase. warmer air to the southwest. could be a shower or two in the
4:55 pm
mountains down there. we'll start see something clouds here on thursday. and as you mentioned earlier, there is a possibility of a tropical development down here, just southwest of florida. heavy rain in south florida. fort myers could get 4, 5, 6, 7 inches of rain over the next several days. some of that moisture, some of it will go offshore. some of it will come inland. a front to the west. kind of combine. some of the heavier rain may hold off. this front could actually push, allow that tropical moisture in the ocean. so i would plan for rain here on friday. and maybe saturday. but temperature-wise, stay in the 70s. but if this does develop in tropical system, it could develop a little stronger wind flow. so it may bring even more moisture in. and a potential here is for several inches of rain friday and saturday. it's something we'll check into. overnight tonight, beautiful, high pressure under control. gradually increasing clouds and chance of showers. but not until friday. southeast winds, 5 to 10 knots.
4:56 pm
and the bay forecast tonight, then. clear, 54. i mean, great. open the windows if you can. just a pleasant. tomorrow, sunny, back up to 80 degrees, which is just about normal, by the way. normal is 79 tomorrow. >> okay. thank you, sir. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. a worker is seriously injured while performing maintenance on the bay bridge. i'm monique griego. coming up, the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
coming up next. dramatic rescue to get to a man who fell and severely injured. one week later. i'm mike hellgren. i'll tell you where the investigation stands now in the
4:59 pm
rosedale explosion. a yankees fan sucker punch at a baseball game remains in critical condition. i'm rochelle ritchie in hagerstown. how local businesses are coming together to help. that story is next. check in for a bit more on these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. bay bridge scare. >> crews rush to rescue a construction worker, knocked offer part of the bridge. hi. i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. chaos and concern on the chesapeake bay bridge. traffic is stopped and emergency crews rush to the scene to rescue an injured worker. wjz is live at sandy point state park. monique griego has more on the extensive operation to get that


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